IDEM has recently undertaken changes to the organization and management of the Underground Storage Tank (UST) Program.  Amy Smith has recently been named Deputy Assistant Commissioner of the UST Branch in the Office of Land Quality.  Ms. Smith formerly served at IDEM as a Leaking UST Project Manager and later as an Aattorney for the UST Program, and returns to IDEM from private legal practice.

The UST Program is now organized into sections for UST Compliance and Inspections, Leaking USTs, and Excess Liability Trust Fund (ELTF) Claims.  Notably, there will no longer be separate sections handling ELTF-eligible and non-ELTF Leaking UST cleanups.  Tim Veatch, formerly Leaking UST Section Chief, now leads the combined Leaking UST Section.  Brian Pace continues as Section Chief of the ELTF Claims Section.  Tom Newcomb is now Section Chief of the UST Compliance and Inspections Section.  UST enforcement continues to be managed as a part of the Compliance and Response Branch, a separate branch within the Office of Land Quality.

IDEM has indicated that with the new leadership, additional changes are expected to all aspects of the UST Program, and that IDEM will continue to provide updates.

Information on IDEM’s UST Programs may be found online at